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Shem (Sceaf) (Sam)(Sem) [5546]
Sedeqetelebab [5547]
Elam [5555]
Arphaxad (Arfakhshadh) King of Arrapachtic [5542]
Rasueja [5543]
Joktan (Kenan)(Cainan) [5540]


Family Links

1. Melka [5541]

2. Unknown

Joktan (Kenan)(Cainan) [5540] 595,596,597,680,681

  • Born: 2400 AM
  • Marriage (1): Melka [5541]
  • Marriage (2): Unknown
  • Died: 2860 AM

bullet  General Notes:

Another name for CAINAN was Kenan.

Some genealogist put him in as the son of Arphaxad and father of Shelah, but Genesis 10:24 stats that Arphaxad begat Salah and he begat Eber. So I think they are mistaking him for Peleg's brother Jaktan. So I am putting him in as such, there are a lot of different spellings here and so things are hard to follow.

We are dealing with transliterations of the Hebrew, Aramaic, and Arab here.

Luke 3:36

Meaning: possession; smith
The name of two biblical menů
The fourth antediluvian patriarch , the eldest son of Enos . He was 70 years old at the birth of his eldest son Mahalaleel , after which he lived 840 years (Gen. 5:9-14 ), and was 910 years old when he died. He is also called Kenan (1 Chr. 1:2).
The son of Arphaxad (Luke 3:36). He is nowhere named in the Old Testament. He is usually called the "second Cainan."

Cainan, the son of the Arpachshad mentioned in most manuscripts of the Gospel of Luke 3:36. This reference to Cainan is present in the Septuagint and Samaritan versions of the Book of Genesis , as well as in the Book of Jubilees ; however, most modern Biblical scholars believe it to be an error, as did the early Christian apologists Irenaeus and Eusebius .
According to the Book of Jubilees, Cainan, taught the art of writing by his father, found carved on the rocks by former generations an inscription preserving the science of astrology as taught by the rebel angels, the Watchers , who descended from heaven in the days of Jared and led mankind away from God.
The Sefer ha-Yashar describes Cainan, the possessor of great astrological wisdom, which had been inscribed on tables of stone, as the son of Seth and not of Arpachshad; ie, the antediluvian Kenan.
In The Patriarchal Age: or, the History and Religion of Mankind (1854), George Smith writes:
"It is remarkable that, notwithstanding the omission of the name of Cainan from the Hebrew text, and the consequent general rejection of him by historians, there are more traditions preserved of him than of his son Salah. 'The Alexandrine Chronicle derives the Samaritans from Cainan*; Eustachius Antiochenus, the Saggodians; George Syncellus , the Gaspheni; Epiphanius the Cajani. Besides the particulars already mentioned, it is said Cainan was the first after the flood who invented astronomy , and that his sons made a god of him, and worshiped his image after his death. The founding of the city of Harran in Mesopotamia is also attributed to him; which, it is pretended, is so called from a son he had of that name.' -Anc. Univ. Hist., vol. i, p. 96, note."
(* What the Latin Alexandrine Chronicle actually says is that "those who live east of the Sarmatians " were derived from Cainan)


Joktan married Melka [5541] [MRIN: 1768].


Joktan next married.

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